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Restore the Pursuit.

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“It puts money in my pocket and keeps me off the streets. I love selling the magazine. My customers have become my friends.”

— Edward Smalls, Street Vendor


Pursuit Packs are a community-driven project of Speak Up Mag. Speak Up is a printed and online publication that gives a voice to the voiceless.
Storytellers facing homelessness, poverty, incarceration, and addiction share essays, interviews, videos, photos and art. People facing homelessness and poverty become Vendors who sell Speak Up magazines and online subscriptions for immediate and long-term income. The magazine and opportunity are driven by a growing community of citizen Guides—inspired individuals who pass out Pursuit Packs, empower storytellers, and transform lives with dignity.
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FIRST — JOIN SPEAK UP PURSUIT. This online network is for training, resources, resupply, and connecting with others across the Speak Up community.

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Inspiring essays and articles sent straight to your inbox. – All Pursuit Pack purchases include a free premium subscription to Speak Up Mag online.